Before going out into the world every day, you should dress well to face the many challenges waiting for you out your door . We all must get dressed before leaving home as that is what society expects from us. Therefore, why not putting a little bit of effort into it? after all, dressing well has many advantages, which can make your day enjoyable.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should dress to impress.


Our self-esteem determines what kind of output we give to the world. Being well dressed increases the self-esteem of a person making them accomplish their set goals. When you are well dressed, you feel good about yourself and are not afraid to meet anyone, not afraid to get the job done.

Open doors for you

When you are well dressed, you are allowed entry into several establishments. Some college  students conducted a survey where they dressed very well to attend an important conference held in their own college location; they were invited in, no questions asked. The following day, they use worn down clothing to attend the conference and were denied entry. The conclusion of the survey indicates that how we dress gives us an upper hand when dealing with others. Like my grandmother says, “As you are seen, you are treated”.

Meetings by chance


A chance meeting can happen only once with someone important. Meeting your role model for the first time can change your life. If you are well dressed, you will make a good first impression, that can give you an audience with an executive. Many profitable deals are made through chance meetings. Recruiters in the fashion world can approach someone out and about if they have the unique look needed in the fashion business. Being well dressed is a form of self-marketing. What are the chances you can meet the love of your life today? How do you want him/her to see you? Think about it, life is full of those little “once in a lifetime” chances, so be prepared by dressing for them.

Self- expression

Like it or not, we are indeed judged by how we look. If you dress well, it is indication that you value who you are. When you attend an interview, how you dress will add a percentage to your portfolio. Being able to keep up with the fashion trends makes you stand out in fields where you need to be noticed. But even more important is creating your own style, to have your personal mark when you dress. Uniqueness is very important in the world we are living in, as poor imitations have flooded the market and being you is always more fulfilling. Don’t be afraid to ad element that define who you are.

Market place

The workplace is very competitive, and one must dress well for it. Dressing well in the workplace means that you value your work as you represent the business image. One can dress well even with a limited budget and if you do not know how to dress, professional help is available to help you acquire the right wardrobe. Make sure to be aware of company policies and culture, your position/ roll is also important when selecting the right work outfits.    If you work in the modeling world, you must always be well dressed, especially when you are in public.


For the important people in your life

If you are a guardian to a schoolchild, you need to dress well when you attend meetings at their school. A child can be picked on by other children if their guardian is unsuitably dressed. Trust me, I once went to drop of my kid on my pjs, it was not pretty. So, try your best to at least get presentable, fix your hair and if you can’t get your make up done, at least wear big Glasses. They are always in style and will disguise anything that you don’t want people to see. Like dark circles or tiredness. You must be very smart when attending School functions too. It’s always better to give the right impression. Your children will thank you.

Because it will improve your self -esteem, because you don’t know who you are going to meet, as a form of self-expression or for the most important people on your life, you must always try your best to dress appropriate for the occasion. Put a little bit of effort into looking your best and you will feel like your best.



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