16 Legitimate Ways to Work from Home (#16 is my favorite).

The “work from home” field is filled with scams and empty promises. However, there are ways to legitimately make money from home. The key is to leverage your strengths and ensure that any companies you’re working with have a good reputation. Avoid doing too much work until you’re paid for the first time. Then you should have an idea of whether the offer is legitimate or not.

Stay at home and pay your bills:

  1. Be a consultant. Many small businesses don’t have a need for a full-time whatever-you-are. But they might need someone with your skills and knowledge for a short period of time. 
  2. This type of work is available and can be worth your time if you can type quickly. There’s software available that can transcribe with reasonable accuracy. You might be able to make a decent hourly rate without working too hard. 
  3. Freelance work. Writing articles, creating videos, performing search engine optimization, or creating graphics are just a few examples of freelance work that’s waiting for you. The best platform to find clients is Fiverr. Join here and start making money with any one of your many talents.     Join Fiverr now
  1. Work for a call center. Some businesses want to take your call but are too small to have bodies dedicated to answering the phones 24/7. You can work at home for a call center and receive those important calls. 
  2. Teach a language. English is in high demand, particularly in Asian countries. Italki is one website that will allow you to take advantage of your English ability and make $20+/hour. 
  3. Virtual assistant. The creativity of your employer will determine your tasks. You could be making travel plans, balancing the books, or researching chocolate cookie recipes.
  4. Rent a room in your home. There are several websites that will connect you with renters, both long-term and short. If you have space you’re not using, consider monetizing it.
  5. Be a juror. Lawyers will pay you to review a case and give your opinion. Think of it as a practice trial before heading to court. Ejury is one such company that will pay you for your jurist skills. 
  6. Test and review websites. User Testing is the most popular company. You’re paid $10 for a 20-minute task. That’s $30 per hour if you stay busy.
  7. Take surveys. This field is full of scams, so be sure to check out the company before wasting your time. Never pay to join a survey organization. A few companies with good reputations include Harris Poll Online, Pine Cone Research, and Swag Bucks. 
  8. Sell vegetables from your garden. At times, your garden is providing more than you can consume. Visit the local farmer’s market and sell your excess. 
  9. Mechanical Turk. This is a service provided by You can perform small tasks for money. Most of the jobs are very quick and easy. The pay is very low per task, but you can complete multiple tasks per hour.
  10. Tutor at your home. $25/hour isn’t out of line. There are also places to tutor online. Check out Chegg Tutors.
  11. Affiliate marketing. You can sell someone else’s product online and get paid for each sale. For example, has an affiliate program. There are many more.
  12. Pet sitting. It’s possible to earn $25/day or more for watching someone else’s pet. Unlike daycare laws, most areas don’t have a limit to how many dogs you can keep in your home! com is a popular option to connect with pet owners.
  13. Join a new Health and Wellness network marketing company. What if you can turn your passion for helping others to achieve better health into a money machine. Well, there is a company that can help you do just that. Will pay you huge amounts of money for selling their products (commission is 25- 30%) and when others join your team too. To be exact, this company has Seven Ways to Pay You including a Car allowance of $400 a month when you advance in rank. There are people making thousands of dollars every single Friday. One of the most important things about this company, is that they let you test the business before you buy any products or commit to any investment. Also, their products are in the weight management range and have thousands of testimonies of people who have tested them including myself.

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If you find yourself between jobs or need to make some extra money, working from home can be both convenient and lucrative. Many “Work at Home” offers aren’t worth your valuable time, but others can provide a full-time income if you’re willing to work hard. Consider working from the comfort of your home consider joining my team today and let’s build the life of your dreams!


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