Spas should be considered essential business during a pandemic, you would think that it would make sense to have a way to decompress during a stressful situation, right? Nop, not to the government. And now we are here, at home, without being able to get that much needed facial or massage, do not get me started on those toenails. I know I have been afraid to look at my feet too for a while until I decided to take matters on my own hand- literary- and I went online shopping for a Home Spa Kit and Ohhh mm ggg… I found an amazing way to bring a mini spa to my house. I got a spa kit online. It comes with a foot mask that hydrates your feet, a facial mini kit, and body exfoliator, and body butter. All I need it was a glass of wine, music, and lighting up a candle to make my spa experience a success. However, I could not spot thinking about the other side of the equation, the spa owners and employees who do not have the luxury of working from home. Many of them have closed, went out of business, others such as TuSuva Body & Skin Care,( ) an award-winning family-owned and operated spa located in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Northwest, Washington D.C, just steps away from Mt. Pleasant, are working on a limited capacity with strict sanitary measures due to Covid19 such as sanitation, temperature check, and mandatory appointments. While I sip on my glass of wine, I think about how Covid19 has changed the spa industry forever, in other words, the “walk-in” days are gone. In the meantime, do your best to take time for yourself with a “homemade” spa… cheers.




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