As we get close to graduation day, there is a question in most of our minds, will I find a job in media? With the unemployment rate at a historical high, the number one concern with soon to be graduating students reminds the fear of no finding a job after graduation. That is why a lot of people are considering Freelancing. But what Is Freelancing? And how does one gets into it?  Essentially, a freelance job is one where a person works for themselves, rather than for a company. While freelancers do take on contract work for companies and organizations, they are ultimately self-employed. ( For many, this could be scary territory because it does not come with the security of a steady paycheck and will depend on your own ability to network and find opportunities but for others like journalist Greta Salomon, it was all worth it. “Most people just called me crazy and looked on bewildered as I gave up the prestige of being a woman who worked at a top-selling weekly magazine, for someone who tapped away on a bulky old PC in my dad’s dining room”, she wrote on a Forbes article in 2018. According to Greta Salomon, there are some things to consider before becoming a freelancer
  •  Don’t worry about not having a job title:
Having to wear many hats, writing about different topics, editing, shooting, it all comes in hand. There is not a set box for freelancing and later after you establish what part of your work you like the most you can choose more of what you love.
  • Rejection comes with the job.
You will need to pitch different stories to different people, just keep in mind that you will face many rejections in the process, do not take it personally.
  • Seek support from other freelance journalists.
“It’s essential to view other journalists as allies. Being a freelance journalist can be a lonely endeavor. So, it really helps to walk with other people who are on the same path”. Identify Facebook groups and events in your area that you can attend and network with like-minded people.
  • Build relationships before pitching.
You need to get your face seen – either in real life or virtually. So, check out Eventbrite and go to any media meet-ups that catch your eye. If there’s nothing happening where you live, then use social media to interact with other writers and editors. Finally, in this uncertainty we all need to have a plan B, if you don’t get that job of your dreams right after college don’t get discouraged and focus on enhancing your portfolio by doing what you have been trained to do as a freelancer and the right opportunity will come.,What%20Is%20Freelancing%3F,they%20are%20ultimately%20self%2Demployed

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