Take advantage of this stay at home time to raise awareness, take care of yourself inside out, and dedicate the time that many times, due to the rhythm of life, you don’t give to yourself.
A good skincare routine at home is key to keeping your skin hydrated and a proper freshness.
It’s important to keep in mind essential care such as cleansing and skin protection, since the frequent use of chemicals such as antibacterial gel and medications can affect the physical and internal state of your skin.
But, don’t worry about a thing, here are a series of tips on how to take care of the skin during the quarantine and beyond.

  1. Cleaning

Cleaning is essential for skincare, however, given the situation we live in, constant hand washing is of utmost importance, since doing it is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of infections and diseases, since the 80% can be transmitted through the hands.
The use of a good cleanser to prevent the spread of viruses and microbes cleans and protects the skin is key. For this, we suggest the use of good cleanser which will prevent your skin from becoming irritated, will keep the PH valance, and also help to calm any irritation that may occur.

  1. Hydration

Good hydration makes the water levels of the skin balanced, making the protective barrier stronger and flexible, however, some factors can modify it such as the sun, changes in weather, the use of antibacterial drugs, and gels, which can make your skin rough. The use of a good cream will maintain an adequate level of hydration for your skin. A body cream special for dry and sensitive skin for babies, children, and adults will be perfect.
Now, if frequent use of face masks has affected your face and left your skin very sensitive, it is best to use a soothing cream that helps relieve the feeling of irritation. A good facial treatment with a skincare professional or your dermatologist will intensely relieve discomfort and irritation, and will also calm your skin, in addition to being 100% recommended for allergic and ultra-sensitive skin.
As I mentioned, cleaning will always be key to good hygiene and skincare routine, but frequent use of hand washing and antibacterial gel can cause irritation and extreme dryness of the skin, so the use of treatment creams and moisturizers are ideal to protect and soothe that rough, dry feeling.

  1. Protection

Despite being indoors for a long time and with little direct sun exposure, it is important to use a sunscreen, YES!, as you read it, since working behind your computer or using our smartphones also affects our skin (these are known as infrared rays), also we tend to think that we only need sun protection when the day is sunny but it is not like that, UVA rays are the ones we should worry about the most since they can pass through the clouds and glasses that penetrate deep into our skin reaching the dermis (the second layer of the skin) causing irreversible damage to the skin and premature aging.
Therefore, you should use a good sunscreen, which with its unique formula has a very fluid texture, not sticky and thanks to its easy absorption, offering maximum protection against UVA rays, making it perfect for your daily use.

  1. Clean your makeup brushes and brushes!

Remember that they are in contact with our skin and our microbiol (bacteria that are normally present), even when we don’t have pimples, wounds, or an infection. The brushes can store bacteria by the accumulation of the products used in them and pass directly to our face. Especially if you share them.
It is recommended to wash them with lukewarm water and neutral shampoo (baby shampoo for example) until the water runs clean, drain with a towel, and let them dry upside down to avoid humidity at the base of the brush. Ideal to do it once every 10 or 15 days.
Nutrition and Good Sleep
Of course you can’t forget to consume a healthy and balanced diet, the more vegetables and fruits, the better. Drink a lot of water and find a way to stay active, and of course get your beauty sleep on sister!
Without a doubt, the hygiene and care of our skin is a key piece to protect us and our loved ones. It is time to be more united than ever, take care of them, and let’s take care of ourselves!

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